Our Doughnuts...

Our doughnuts are lovingly made using our top-secret flour blend, yeast and vegetable shortening. The glazes vary depending on the flavour but include full cream milk and we use coconut milk in our vegan doughnuts!

We have a dedicated team of doughnut creators who cut, shape and prove our dough, which they then fry (in vegetable oil), glaze and decorate by hand for your enjoyment! 

For a good time, we recommend eating your doughnuts on the day of purchase or delivery. If kept in a cool dry place our online orders have a 3-day shelf life from the day of dispatch because of how we package them. 

We wouldn’t recommend freezing our doughnuts or storing them in the fridge as this can impact the quality. 

All our doughnuts are made fresh daily. Our store doughnuts are delivered first thing in the morning and our online orders are dispatched the day they are made for next day delivery (our unique packaging helps keep them fresh during transit for a 1-2 day delivery window). 

Yes we do! Our vegan doughnuts are made to a vegan recipe and are void of animal products. All our doughnuts are made in the same kitchen and although cross-contamination is near impossible, we still think it’s best that we let you know! 

Our doughnuts are made in a kitchen which does handle nuts, nut-based products and other allergens. While we take steps to avoid any cross-contamination there may be trace amounts of allergens in our doughnuts so we wouldn’t recommend our doughnuts for anyone with allergies. 

Doughnuts purchased in store; 

Single - £4.50 

4 Pack - £16.00

6 Pack - £24.00 

Doughnuts purchased online; 

6 Pack Boxes - £26.00 (including delivery)

DIY kits - £22.00 (including delivery)

Weekend and Bank Holiday delivery available for £2.95

At the moment, due to the high volumes of orders you can currently only choose from our preselected boxes, however we are working on creating functionality that will allow you to select your favourites and make your own 6 pack or 12 pack.

Yes! Our Baked range of cake doughnuts are made using Gluten Free ingredients and have been independently certified as a Gluten Free product!

Our Gluten Free range is made in its own dedicated kitchen to avoid any cross-contamination from gluten-based products, and we are in the process of getting our kitchen certified by Coeliac UK. Due to the sensitive nature of these allergies, we are advising that our products are not suitable for anyone with Coeliac, until we receive the Coeliac UK certification.

Our Gluten Free cake doughnuts...

All our Baked range of cake doughnuts are listed with a Blue Baked Sticker on the product image. Each product name will include the term "Gluten Free" also.

We have had all our Baked cake doughnuts independently tested and have been certified as a Gluten Free product containing less than 2 micrograms of gluten content (the government advises that products must contain less than 20 micrograms to be classed as Gluten Free).

While we take as many steps as possible to avoid any cross-contamination in our dedicated Baked kitchen, we are still in the process of being certified by Coeliac UK, because of the sensitive nature of this allergy we are advising that our Baked range is not suitable for those with Coeliac.

Online Delivery

We deliver throughout the UK and offer free delivery to England, Wales and most Scotland addresses Monday to Friday. 

Standard Monday to Friday Delivery is £3.25.

Orders over £20 qualify for free standard delivery (Monday to Friday).

Delivery on Weekends & Bank holidays is available for an additional £2.95 which is added at checkout.

Our doughnuts are sent on a next day service and while the vast majority of our parcels arrive on time, we advise a 1-2 day delivery window in case of any transit delays with DPD (but don’t worry we package our doughnuts to help keep them fresh in case of any delays).

Yes you can! Once you have added your doughnuts to the basket, during checkout you can request a delivery date for up to a month in advance! 

Your order will be sent fresh the day before your requested delivery date on a next day service and while very unlikely we do advise a 1-2 day delivery window in case of any transit delays when with DPD. But don’t worry we package our doughnuts to help keep them fresh during transit (just in case). 

Yes! We offer a next day service for all doughnut orders, just order before 2pm and then wait for your doughnuts to arrive straight to your door the next day.

Yes! We make all of our doughnuts fresh on the day of dispatch and are sent on a next day service with DPD.

The way we make our doughnuts and our packaging helps to keep them fresh in transit during this time.

Our deliveries are fulfilled by DPD so at the moment we are restricted to their delivery schedules and timeframes.

DPD deliver between 8am and 8pm so we would recommend ordering to a location that is not restricted by specific times. 

No, but it is our customers responsibility to ensure that a safe place or leave with neighbour is requested via the tracking link (we do not recommend any other services that DPD offer). 

If you are out and no requests are made, DPD may choose to leave your parcel on your doorstep (we are not liable for any loss or damage caused to your order if no additional instructions are given to DPD) 

As outlined on our T&C’s page and duplicated below our delivery terms; 

3.0 Delivery. 

3.1 We will take reasonable steps to meet the delivery date and time set out on the Confirmation or as otherwise agreed between us in writing. However, occasionally delivery may be affected by factors beyond our control and so cannot be guaranteed. We will let you know if we become aware of an unexpected delay and will arrange a new delivery date and/or time with you. Deliveries are made within a 1-2 day delivery window.

3.2  Our Delivery courier is DPD. 

3.2.1  We are not liable for any delivery issues caused by DPD such as delays, damage, loss. However, we endeavour to understand and resolve any issues on your behalf. 

3.2.2  DPD will provide you with an hour delivery window on the day of delivery via email and SMS message. You must ensure that your details are accurate to receive these notifications.

3.2.3  If you are not home/at the delivery location at the time of delivery DPD will leave your order on your doorstop/lobby unless a safe place has been requested directly with them. If the driver doesn’t feel that it is appropriate to leave your order, they will in some cases take this back to the depot and attempt to redeliver the following day. DPD will take a photo as proof of delivery. If you are not in on your selected date a refund will not be available.

3.2.4  If you do not leave a clear note with DPD and the delivery is missed, we are not liable.

3.2.5  If you have input your address incorrectly DPD will not be able to reach you, this is your responsibility to ensure all details are correct before placing your order. We are not liable for any errors and cannot offer any compensation for this.

3.2.6  If DPD have caused any damage during transit and you want us to investigate on your behalf we require clear images of all damage to the Product, outer packaging and shipping label as outlined in clause 2.9.

3.3 You may collect the Products from us at one of our stores or you may ask us to arrange for a courier to collect them on your behalf (in which case we will charge an additional fee which will be set out in the Confirmation).

3.4 Delivery of the Products shall be completed when you collect them from us or when we inform you that they are ready for collection.

3.5  DPD do provide options via the tracking link to make additional delivery requests, some of these requests can cause serious delays to our orders being delivered and due to the perishable nature of our doughnuts we would only recommend using the following requests. 

3.5.1  Requesting a safe place 

3.5.2  Requesting to leave parcel with a neighbour 

3.5.3  Requesting to be called at the point of delivery 

3.5.4  Adding additional delivery instructions 

3.6  Any other requests such as pick up shops, change of address or delivery date may cause delays with your order being delivered and could result in the order being disposed of. If any request not highlighted in section 3.5 is made and your order is delivered late or disposed of, we are not liable for this as you have changed the shipping terms which has resulted in this delay or disposal. 

Yes!! Choose your Doughnut DIY Kit or 6-Pack, and select "Add a Gift Card" before adding to basket.

We have a selection of gift cards to choose from and you can write your very own personalised note to be included. Woohoo!

Online order help...

You will be sent an order confirmation email once your order has been input on the website. This can end up in a junk box and in some cases blocked if using a company email address. Please double check that you have input your email address correctly before placing your order. 

If your confirmation email hasn’t found its way into your inbox or junk box, pop our customer service team an email with your full name, shipping address and confirm the email address that you used. They can then double check your details and resend your confirmation. 

With enough notice we can make most changes to orders. If you would like to change something on your order please give us as much notice as possible and let our customer service team know the following information in your first email;

Order Number and the changes you would like to make (ie. change doughnut 6 pack, edit gift message, change shipping address) the more details we have the quicker we can catch your order and make the requested changes. 

Our teams start prepping our orders due for dispatch early in the morning so that all of our doughnuts are made with care and to the highest standards. Because of this we cannot cancel orders on the day they are due for dispatch (this will be the day before your requested delivery date) any requests made on this day to cancel may not be picked up in time and may not be cancelled. 

We ask that any cancellations are requested 2-3 days before your requested delivery date. 

If your order hasn’t arrived on your requested delivery date, we would advise checking the status of your order with DPD via your tracking link. 

If your order is still in a depot, please wait until the following day to get in touch as there may have been a delay in transit and your order may be delivered the following day. 

If your order is showing that it has been delivered but the delivery image doesn’t look like it is in the right place, please contact DPD straight away as they may be able to arrange a driver to recollect and deliver your order to you the same day. 

If you still can’t find your order, then please email our Customer Service team on – CS@doughnuttime.co.uk with the following details;

Order Number

Full Name 

Full Delivery Address (including postcode) 

Any other relevant info that will help them understand what may have happened to your order so they can help to resolve things quickly. 

In the unlikely event that your order has arrived looking like it’s just returned from a three day bender at Reading festival, please fill out our online damages report form here. 


Drop our customer service team an email with the following details;

Order Number

Clear images of all 6 doughnuts, the outer parcel, and your shipping label (which can be found stuck on the outer DPD envelope) and any other supporting images

This will help our team to raise the issue with DPD to avoid this happening again in future and helps our team to resolve any issues quickly for you! 

If there is an issue with your order, please email our customer service team on CS@doughnuttime.co.uk in your email please include;

Order Number

Full Name

Delivery address

Any images that help highlight any issues or concerns.

The Doughnut Time Academy...

For our standard Academy class, we advise the youngest age that can attend is 10 years old. Any children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult who is also participating in the class. 

If you have booked a place on an open class, we sadly cannot allow people to sit in and just observe the class.

If you are looking for a private class or 1-2-1 class on one of our Saturday classes you would need to book all 10 spaces on the website to ensure that you have the class to yourself. 

If you would like a private class or 1-2-1 on a day outside of our standard class days, pop your request into our customer service team on CS@doughnuttime.co.uk with the some date options that work for you and will advise if this is something that can be arranged and also provide you a list of costs. 

Yes we do! We have 3 colour schemes to choose from – rose golds, blue & white and rainbow! These packages come with refreshments, a birthday mega doughnut, balloons throughout the Academy and some extra little touches to help celebrate! 

For more details and prices drop our customer service team an email on CS@doughnuttime.co.uk

Our Academy is a fun experience for all and everyone is welcome!

We do have to advise that our Academy is located on the first floor above Shaftesbury Avenue Flagship store which is only accessible by stairs. 

Any booking can be moved with 5 or more days’ notice of the date of your scheduled class. If you wish to cancel your booking completely, we will require 2 weeks’ notice before the date of your scheduled class. Any request after this time may not be possible and will be subject to a £20 administration charge per person. 

Any classes that have been rescheduled are not eligible for a refund (unless rescheduled by Doughnut Time in exceptional circumstances).  

For our full T&C’s on the Academy please see section 13 which can be found here

Like all fun, creative kitchens things can get a little bit messy!

We recommend wearing comfy sensible shoes and clothes that you don’t mind getting a bit messy in. We do provide clean aprons at the start of the class to help protect your clothes from any glaze mishaps. 

The only thing you will need to bring with you is your creativity and love of doughnuts! 

Yes! All of our doughnut bases are vegan in the class and our popular doughnuts, that you are shown how to create, are part of our Vegan range! 

(We do have sweets and chocolates in the class that are non-vegan so if you’re in doubt of what you can use to create your own doughnuts with, just ask the class tutor). 

At the moment our Academy isn’t set to have Gluten free options due to the regulations we need to follow for doughnuts to be classed as Gluten Free and the sensitive nature of gluten allergies.

But who knows maybe one day we will have a Gluten Free Baked Academy!  

As all of our doughnuts bases are made in the same kitchen space where nuts and other allergens are handled, there may be trace amounts of allergens in our doughnuts. We also have a variety of different toppings, chocolates and sweets that are supplied by businesses that also handle nuts and allergens in their production process and warehouses. 

Company Info

You’ll find your nearest Doughnut Time store and trading hours via our Stores page!

Yes we can! We have multiple options to help you with your special day or event! For more details drop our Sales & Events team an email on Orders@doughnuttime.co.uk just let them know what kind of things you are looking for, date and location of the event and your budget. They will be able to put together a quote for you and let you know what options we have!  The more information you can provide the quicker they can respond with some ideas and a quote.

For all large and corporate orders, please email hello@doughnuttime.co.uk

While the world is returning to normal, we still take Covid-19 very seriously and still have a strict cleaning schedule throughout our stores, kitchen & offices. 

All our teams take regular lateral flow tests to prevent the spread of Covid-19 through our business and to customers. 

All our locations are regularly cleaning all surfaces, door handles, and areas open to the public.


For our customer service team, you can email us on CS@doughnuttime.co.uk

Or Whatsapp message on 0757 5000 070

Check out our FAQs regarding online order help above for more advice on how we can help. 

For all your large orders, bespoke requests, events and more, drop our Sales & Events team an email on Orders@doughnuttime.co.uk

Just let them know what you’re looking to order, quantities, the date & location of the event and budgets. They can then put a quote together for you and let you know what we can do to help fill your life with doughnuts! 


If you would like to work with us, have any media/PR questions get in touch with our media & marketing team on Media@doughnuttime.co.uk

If you are looking to join our doughnut loving team in a fast paced and growing business, or if you would like to discuss recruitment opportunities drop your CV or request in to Jobs@doughnuttime.co.uk