Location: Reading, Head Office

Job Purpose

The purpose of this role is to supervise the department to ensure that production runs smoothly while meeting set time scales and maintaining quality.

Key Accountabilities & Responsibilities

Assist DT management to encourage an inclusive working culture that focuses on Innovation, Ownership and Unity.

In collaboration with the Department Lead you will be responsible for running daily welcome meetings for the team where you will:

  • Announce daily numbers.
  • Organise the team to ensure the numbers are met within the time scales set.
  • Delegate work throughout the department daily. This could be by allocating different stages of production to different team members like prep, toppings, filling, mixing, rondo, and fryers. These duties should be rotated round the team to ensure everyone has a fair distribution of tasks.
  • Motivate the team to get production running smoothly.
  • Announce any departmental changes or updates e.g. new starters & trial shifts.

Enforce Doughnut Times policies and procedure for the company bonus scheme within the Team, such as:

  • Uniform Standards
  • Standards for Clocking in/out
  • Attendance reporting (sickness and lateness)
  • Production times and quality standards
  • Health & Safety standards

- Co-ordinate with the other department Supervisors and Leads to ensure Time Scales and Numbers are met. (e.g. keeping the other departments up to date with production time scales e.g. if they should expect them earlier or later than usual)

- Attend new edit training with the Creative Development team Department Trainers and Department leads.

- Assist the Lead in managing the team regarding people and production issues, reporting to the department Lead and HR when needed.

- Coordinate with the team trainer to guide trial shifts by organising shift work for the trial and training them on the DT production procedures (e.g. how to fill and glaze a Doughnut or how to use the rondo) and report findings to the Lead.

- Attend a weekly meeting with the Dispatch and Team Manager to report weekly issues regarding production and suggest action