About Us

How It Began

In early 2017, our founder, Tom Anderson, stumbled upon a mint green Doughnut Time store in Australia, and immediately fell in love with the doughnuts and the brand! What's not to love?!

After a few research trips to Australia with the newly formed DT team, development was well underway, taste testing hundreds of dough recipes to create a bespoke recipe totally unique to Doughnut Time in the UK.

First Store

Following months of creative development, including the invention of the iconic David Hasselhoff, Tom found the perfect location for the flagship store in the heart of Soho, London! Working day and night to get the store ready for business, Doughnut Time first opened the doors on 27th October 2017, giving away free doughnuts to celebrate the launch - a tradition they continue to do with every store opening!

Online Store

It was during the pandemic that the team realised Doughnut Time had the capacity to expand online and take the brand nationwide! In March 2020, the ‘Doughnut DIY Kit' was born - a new concept where customers could decorate their own doughnuts with a kit delivered straightto their door, filled with sweets, chocolate, sprinkles, glaze and of course, doughnuts!

It wasn’t long before the famous pink delivery boxes were designed and printed, the website had a big upgrade and new flavours were developed ready for the launch of Doughnut Time nationwide 6-Packs! Since October 2020, fans and followers of Doughnut Time have been able to shop the doughnuts online couriered on a next-day delivery service. With constant updates to products and flavours, there’s always something new to try!

Iconic Packaging

Doughnut Time doughnuts have a glowing mint-green reputation, and it’s not hard to see why! A Doughnut Time purchase would not be complete without the iconic mint-green box!

The in-store and online packaging is designed to perfectly fit the doughnuts side-by-side, whether you choose a single box, 2-Pack, 4-Pack or 6-Pack. Printed in the brands signature colours, the packaging together with the doughnuts, make it immediately recognisable and Instagram-able - perfect for sharing a snap of your sweet treats on social media!

Gluten Free Goodness

Ever since day one of Doughnut Time, the Creative Chefs have worked tirelessly creating a gluten free recipe to fill the obvious gap in the market! After nearly four years of development, Baked was launched in May 2021, the sweet n stylish solution to gluten free doughnuts, taking inspiration from the most famous flavours!

Rotating Menu

As Doughnut Time has grown, the flavour offerings have expanded far and wide, using newly released confectionary, as well as more weird and wonderful designs like Marmite! Fan favourites D’oh, OG and Bruno Mars have stuck around since day one, whilst the additional menu changes regularly so there’s always something new to try! There is a strong focus on developing new, unique and delicious doughnuts, taking inspiration from pop-culture, famous foods & desserts and seasonal snacks!