Where are you and what are your trading hours?

You’ll find your nearest Doughnut Time store and trading hours via our Stores page!

What’s in your doughnuts?

Our doughnuts are lovingly made with flour, butter, full cream milk, vanilla, salt and sugar. The glazes vary, depending on the flavour.

How long do your doughnuts last?

For a good time, we recommend eating your doughnuts on the day of purchase!

Do your doughnuts contain trans fat?

Our doughnuts contain no trans fat.

How are your doughnuts made?

We have a dedicated team of doughnut creators who cut, shape and prove our dough, which then they fry (in vegetable oil), glaze and decorate by hand for your enjoyment!

Do you offer vegan doughnuts?

We do! Our vegan doughnuts are completely void of animal products and dairy. Our vegan doughnuts are produced in the same kitchen as our regular doughnuts, and although cross-contamination is near-impossible, we think it’s best that we let you know.

How much are your doughnuts?

Filled and glazed doughnuts are £4.50 (excluding mega doughnuts). 4-packs are £16 and a 6-pack is £24.

How fresh are your doughnuts?

Our doughnuts are made fresh everyday and delivered to our stores every morning!

Can I freeze your doughnuts and eat them later?

We don’t recommend freezing our doughnuts for consumption at a later date.

Do you have any low-gluten doughnuts?

Our low-gluten doughnuts are coming soon.

I have a nut allergy. Can I eat your doughnuts?

We do not recommend that anyone with a nut allergy consumes our doughnuts.

Can Doughnut Time cater for my next special occasion?

For all large and corporate orders, please email orders@doughnuttime.co.uk