Doughnut Academy

About this experience

1) Class begins - roll call! 2) You will meet, a Doughnut Decorating extraordinaire - and your tutor for the day! 3) Learn about our most popular doughnuts and whip up their toppings from scratch! 4) Step-by-step, you’ll create your own versions of the Ice Ice Bae Bae and the D’Oh Nut! 5) Free style! You’ve now got the tools, tips and tricks to go it alone... 6) Get decorating! You are le artisté and the doughnuts are your canvas! 7) Create some original masterpieces of your very own! 8) Leave with your six hand-decorated doughnuts, a DT Apron, a goodie bag (and pockets stuffed with sweets from the sweet-station of course!)