The Doughnut Time Story

How does one tiny hole-in-the-wall doughnut store in Brisbane become a household name less than a year after opening its window first opens? They say timing is everything…

Founded by enigmatic hospitality entrepreneur Damian Griffiths, Doughnut Time has rapidly become an Australian success story with over 23 locations. 2017 will see the launch of many new international sites, starting with London!

Our doughnuts have been carefully designed to make you fall in love. We use locally-sourced ingredients to make, glaze and fill our artisan product by hand. They are free of trans-fats and  are delivered fresh to our stores every day.

With flavours spanning from the conventional classics (original glazed, salted caramel, Nutella) right through to the unique and adventurous (maple bacon, watermelon and cookie dough) and our rotating menu is always expanding. We have also perfected our low-gluten and vegan creations, and are committed to offering our customers and unforgettable experience you can hold in your hand.

Our UK Flagship store is now open on Shaftesbury Avenue. See what’s happening on our social media and get a taste of things to come!

Founder and owner Damian Griffiths

Every Doughnut Time doughnut is made, filled, glazed and decorated by real people, every single day.